Workshop MASE+MPUR: “Climate Resilient Urban and Architectural Design”

En Agosto 14, 2018


En Campus Lo Contador

Profesores. Renato D’Alençon y Roberto Moris
Ayudante. Cristina ViscontiFormato 1er Bimestre + Workshop / OPR 5 cr.Preparación Agosto – Septiembre / Martes – mód. 11ª reunión Martes 14 de AgostoWorkshop Nápoles 05 y 12 de Octubre 2018.ParticipanUniversità degli Studi di Napoli Federico IINew York Institute of TechnologyUniversité Paris Est Marne La ValléeP. Universidad Católica de ChileClimate change impacts are already visible today, with extreme heat and precipitation events increasingly growing in frequency and intensity worldwide. Urban climate must be a key consideration in the planning and design of contemporary cities. Climate resilient principles need thus to be integrated in the design process as a knowledge area linked to architectural disciplines.The issue of climate resilience in urban areas requires the development of innovative design methods that can handle the complexity of the information needed to guide sustainable urban regeneration and retrofitting strategies, as well as to manage the technological and environmental solutions in a multi-scale perspective. Cities represent in this sense the main field of experimentation of innovative and climate-resilient design principles and methods.The workshop goal is to explore integrated design strategies for creating sustainable and resilient communities that can adapt and thrive in the changing global conditions, meet carbon-reduction goals, provide new public spaces and facilities in relation to community priorities, by configuring or retrofitting compact and mixed-use eco-districts. The proposed design method is process-oriented and focuses on sequential and iterative steps bringing to projects’ implementation through a multi-disciplinary and multi-scale approach.Estudiantes UC_

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